Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Love is Patient!

It has been a VERY challenging day.  I struggle with the ability to be patient when trying to "do" school with the BOYS.  Every day I pray and ask the Lord to help me see my boys being children and enjoy the way He made boys to be.  But I am a girl!!!!  How can I communicate to boys so they under stand what I want them to do?  I love to read to the 5yr old and almost 3 yr. old and they love to listen.  They actually sit still, until one of my older kids has a question about their school.  Once my attention is off the younger two, poof they are gone.  Mentally and physically.  I can't seem to corral them back either.  Then I fail miserably and yell.  I see the hurt it causes my children and the mental game that satan plays in my head afterwards.  I instantly know it is SIN.  So I quickly as for forgiveness and hope that my children remember my acknowledgement of my sin and repentance and not the act of "yelling."  So what does it mean to be patient?  According to the American Dictionary of the English Language 1828, it is 1. Having the quality of enduring evils without murmuring or fretfulness; sustaining afflictions of body or mind with fortitude, calmness or christian submission to the divine will.    2. Not easily provoked;  3. Persevering, calmly diligent.     WOW!  I am NOT these, not even close.  I hate it when I yell so maybe that is the starting point.

I do struggle to see the little boy in my 3 yr old.  He is out of this world curious and into EVERYTHING!  I love it but am not sure how to use his design for Gods glory.  Here is a picture of what is did in a matter of 1 min. while I was trying to go over a math test with our 11yr old.   Of course this is right before "quiet time!"

I know the Lord is making me more like him.  Boy, my will is strong!  LOL!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

4 Days on GAPS Intro.

We are on day four of the GAPS intro diet.  Here is our experience thus far.  Day one no real physical or emotional changes.  Day 2 my 4 children on GAPS woke up with the shakes.  Had to help them out with a little apple sauce and a date.  Emotional let downs in the morning because no one wants "soup" for breakfast.  But that is all we have. :)    My daughter was a true delight the rest of the day.  She usually as some sort of an attitude most of the time. The oldest does not complain too much and knows that we can only eat certain things so he just eats it.  My third child, age 5 melts down off and on all day.  He is the one that needs this the most due to all the food sensitivities.  My 4th, is almost 3.  We modify it for him.  He has no visible allergies so we allow homemade yogurt in the morning and homemade apple sauce.  I did notice on day 4 this morning that after he ate he had an emotional breakdown.  Not so yesterday when he didn't have yogurt and applesauce.  Have to consider what is happening....  For myself because I am breastfeeding a 5 month old I have to consume a lot of food and at night when my kiddos go to be I have two soft boiled eggs and homemade yogurt to keep my milk supply in good shape and a ripe banana.  The effect on our 5 month old is that his dry skin is getting better.  He should be the next child in line to get all the allergies.  They typically skip children.  So I am anxious to see if we can avoid this by changing my body.  Day 3 and  4 in the morning everyone woke up good with no shakiness.   The kids can't wait to add something new and the applesauce they did have they LOVED like never before.  I have also noticed that I have had no "anger/frustration" issues.  I have been able to handle all emotional challenges with my kiddos very nicely.  That feels great too me emotionally.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Update

Well if you haven't seen it on the news yet it is HOT here. The last couple of days have been about 115 degrees. I know it is going to be a long hot summer! Truitt is now 3 months old and just a joy. Still a very happy easy baby and gets so much love from the other siblings. Here are some pictures. Brinnlee has now lost two teeth; Merrick plays with Truitt by putting all the toys on him while he is in the bouncy seat. Truitt didn' seem to mind; Cool down with a popsicle at 8pm when the temp. is still 100 degrees plus. I have to get that energy out of the boys some how!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Whats new?

A lot is new around here. We had our fifth child March 27th, Truitt Dean. He is a" tru" delight! The easiest baby I have ever had. You would not know we had a baby in the house. We started school back up about 3 weeks ago and all is going well. Trying new things in the kitchen with Nourishing Traditions cooking methods and so far so good. Trying to teach my children responsibility........... Going to baseball games. Here are a couple of pictures. I have the best helpers too! The Lord continues to amaze me every day!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

What do boys do for fun?

Well it depends on their age. The oldest will always push the younger ones around, on a tractor or in a car. The middle one will use the hose to spray them as they race across the yard and the youngest LOVES every minute of it all. He just gets carried and placed wherever the oldest wants him and goes along for the ride. The oldest will think a little and put on a bathing suit, the middle will just take his clothes off to his underwear and the youngest will have his diaper taken off for him and run around in the buff. My daughter and I were crying because we were laughing so hard.

Now if you are in doors and you don't hear your two year old run quick and see what is up or send one of the older children to check on them. Don't be surprised by what you might find......finger painting on himself. Boys will be boys.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

First Hair Cut

You know most moms have so many jobs and one of mine is the "barber." I must be descent because I get approval from my hubby and his father has been a "real barber" for over 40 years. I thought it was time to cut Merrick's hair for real. He is going to be turning two at the end of the month and I know we will be taking pictures so why not with a new cut. You can see by the pictures he does not like the clippers and I am amazed he came out of it with any hair. Brinnlee and Clayton were excellent helpers. Brinnlee was the photographer. Of course there had to be a treat and he was a happy boy even after all the trauma. We have the best "job's" in the world!!! Thank you Lord for making me a mommy.

Saturday, July 31, 2010


Our first family camping trip in a l o n g time. We had a blast! It was nice to get away and enjoy the wonderful outdoors that the Lord has blessed us with. In the pictures are our children getting dirty without a worry. Nolan totally enjoyed whittling. He usually can't sit still ever! But give him a BIG SHARP knife and a stick and he would sit and concentrate for at least 15 minutes. Clayton is our future hunter for now. He really enjoys shooting his bow. Brinnlee actually took most of these pictures. Merrick just loved to play in the dirt. It was great just letting them play and get "dirty."